Let’s face it! The average metropolitan day is not so average, the average metropolitan himself is not so average! We are multifaceted, multicultural people. We juggle our jobs and studies with a magnitude of interests and hobbies that do not necessarily fit into the same field. Unfortunately, most of us try our best to hide our enthusiasm for the things that we think do not align with our public image. We try to show ourselves as monochromatic, but in fact, we are all so colorful in the sense that we love to do so many things all at the same time!

This blog aims to reflect just that. I myself, am a university student in Beirut. I juggle my studies with my passion for makeup, fashion and beauty as well as reading books and writing. Of course there are several other things that I like to do in my leisure time (eating French fries and watching YouTube), but, on this platform, I will be discussing my opinions on global affairs, my recommendations on books, beauty, makeup products as well as techniques and some lifestyle hacks that I have learned the hard way. Subjects on the different ends of the spectrum, I know, but that my dears, is just your typical metropolitan!

“Rand, today.” is relevant everyday.