Dear Millennials, It’s Okay to be Lost.


We have heard it a thousand times, haven’t we? That we are the generation that has it easy. We are the generation of open information and accessible education, so we must have it easy, right? Truth is, we don’t.

The older generation has failed to understand the fallback of our time, and it is that we do not have time at all. We want to do so much and learn so much while living in constant fear that our knowledge might become obsolete in a fraction of a second. There is so much that we need to do, should do and want to do that it overwhelmed our spirits and stole our youth. We are too busy thinking about what to do next that we never stop, not to think, but to relax. We don’t have the time to relax, we cannot afford to relax. Why? Because this is the era where no-one is indispensable, the era of two constant and ongoing battles: battle for one’s place, and battle for one’s time.

But despite that all, the true fallback of our time is how much certainty is required and how much pressure there is to KEEP.ON.MOVING. We do not have the luxury to rethink some decisions, to stop and rewind, to take a breath and be dreamy, to just be lost for a while until we find our true path. We do not have the luxury of uncertainty. There is so much that we can be, so much that we want to be and no way to guarantee that our first choice of career or education is going to work for us. Have you never doubted whether or not you did the right major? Have you never felt unaccomplished even though you were excelling at whatever it was you were doing? This generation is the colourful generation that exists on extremes of the spectrum, from wanting to be a successful neurologist to wanting to be a famous pop star. From wanting to write poems to wanting to be a politician. We want it all but we just don’t have the time to figure out what it is we want most.

To everyone who feels compelled to have her/his entire life figured out but they don’t, to everyone regretting their major, to everyone regretting their career, to everyone thinking about starting over but is too scared, its okay to be lost. Yes, we are constantly pressured by our predecessors to be sure and we are constantly in a competition with ourselves and the world to be the best and to be the first, but you know what? It’s time to embrace the fact that we may never be the best or the first all the time, it’s time to embrace that we can never guarantee our success or our content, it’s time to embrace the fact that it is good to feel confused, it is good to feel uncertain and it is good to feel lost. Stop carrying the world upon your shoulders and be selfish. Be lost for as much as you want as long as you want until you know what you want.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you! Deep and must read for everyone


    1. Rand, today. says:

      Glad it spoke to you and hope it speaks to everyone!


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