The Epidemic of Gossip


If you live in Lebanon or if you are thinking about moving here, you are probably aware of the epidemic that has plagued our country for years and years now. Scientists are yet to find the cure for Gossip, and sadly, they have assured us that there is absolutely NO WAY to avoid it. You will be hit by the nasty virus, but don’t worry it is a good thing, or else, how can you fit in? How can you feel like you BELONG if you do not gossip?The question is why though, why is it that we just can’t stop gossiping?

1. Ancestral Genes:

We might have found a scientific explanation to this. Biologically speaking, when a species tends to some act throughout centuries, genetic mutations occur, as part of natural selection, that allow the species to adapt to its natural habitat. For example, human 81773323beings’ jaws are comparably smaller than they were centuries ago, thanks to the discovery of fire which made food easier to chew. Thus, we have deduced that the Lebanese population has gone through certain genetic mutations throughout the years that have allowed us to naturally enjoy gossiping as to fit into our gossip culture.

2. Childhood Memories

You were probably first introduced to gossip at your very own Baby Welcoming Party (mbarake), when people tried to figure out who you looked like and gossip picked up from their. Instead of talking about parenting issues, scandalous discussions about what the new neighbour came to the party wearing and who your mom’s best friend saw her with at the beach yesterday begin. Oh the fruitful discussions over meghle and black coffee. Not to mention the many many times you walked into Sobhiyye news about everyone you could possibly think of. Clearly, all of the news is quite ground-breaking and could possibly cause general public outrage. Sadly, all of these gossiping events made their way into your subconscious and you grew up believing it was normal.

3. Gossip Breeds more Gossip

Gossip is really a cycle, once it begins, it will never stop. I guess we are stuck in a loop of time.


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