Why You, Lebanese, Should also be Worried about the Muslim Ban

Pro-immigration demonstrators hold protest at Dulles International Airport

You might have been updated on the subject matter by all the craziness going on social media. I might say, Donald Trump has really earned his internet fame during his first days in office. But his latest Immigration Order is what really broke the internet. The news has become a sensational headline on social media, beating Kim K’s record. I make fun of this because that is just how ridiculous the latest executive order is.

To brief you, Trump’s latest immigration order, now being called the “Muslim Ban”, bans people coming from Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia from entering the US for a period of 90 days. It also includes the suspension of the United States’ Syrian refugee programme,  also giving preference to Christian refugees from the Middle East over Muslim refugees (talk about religious extremism).  And it reduces the cap on the total number of refugees allowed to enter the US in 2017 from 110,000 to just 50,000.

Now, you might be asking yourselves how on earth are you even concerned if our beloved country, Lebanon, is not mentioned in that dreadful list. Truth is, you are. Trump may not have included Lebanon on the list, but that does not guarantee you easy entry to the US. If you are a holder of the Lebanese passport you can be more than certain that you will be held for questioning at the airport, especially if you have a typically muslim name. Do not be surprised. If you have recently visited another country, even an Arab one, Lebanese people typically end up in the investigation room. You will directly be asked about youtrump association with Hezbollah and your opinion about the group while questions about your possible affiliation with a terrorist organisation will follow. And since the American visa is possibly the only visa that does not necessarily guarantee you entry to the country once you’ve arrived (because logic), you might be directly deported after questioning if your answers did not match their checklist of a “harmless muslim”. Trump’s immigration order also includes an “extreme vetting system” that will insure, quote and quote, “keep radical islamic terrorists out of the US”. Which you, Lebanese citizen, might as well be, at least according to Mr. President.

So yes, indeed, it does concern you, not just that it will directly affect you as mentioned above, but because you are a resident of a country that is continuously affected by the ridiculous decisions “great powers”, such as the US, make.

If you would like to Stand in Solidarity with everyone affected by the latest immigration order, please, join us in our event this Saturday, February 4, as we stand to make a point that we are all united against such violations to human rights and to human dignity.


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