Packing Light: 4 Tips


Are you traveling somewhere and not staying long? Are you confused and don’t know what to pack? I know what you mean… Packing light is a 100 times more difficult than packing heavy. But I’ve got you covered, here are 4 tips on packing light for trips you know you will not have time to look through your luggage or just won’t be staying that long. With these tips you can just take a carry on or organise your larger bags in a lighter manner.

1. YES, You Should Make a List:

I know this sounds extremely cliché, but it wouldn’t be such a common tip if it did not work. TRUST ME, I used to never make a list and therefore always overpack, but now, I never start packing before I complete a luggage list. It makes deciding what to take, what’s missing, what’s necessary and what’s not so much easier to figure out. You need to split your items into specific categories first, for example, clothing, makeup and skincare, electronics etc… and then start off with writing down the essentials.

How to decide if you pack an item

For example, in clothing, start with underwear. For those of you who wear makeup, the best thing to do is get a small makeup bag and pack the ESSENTIALS ONLY. I would recommend packing: a concealer, powder, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and some kind of an all-in-one palette. I personally use the Smashbox sculpt palette because it has all you need from eyebrows, to cheeks to eyes in one. Besides you wouldn’t want to be wasting precious vacation time putting on makeup. (Tips for a quick makeup look)


You will be tempted to take the largest suitcase you own to make sure you will have extra space. DON’T. It is almost definite that you over pack if you are taking a large suitcase because you will continue adding items you don’t actually need just because you see you have extra space. Instead, choose a suitcase that is a carry-on size and therefore you can only pack light.

3. Choose Versatile Items: 

The number one key to packing light is choosing versatile clothing and products. Choose pants that could be worn on several outfits or one jacket for all your outfits. Choose shoes to pack that could go with all your outfits and wear shoes that are a different style and go with other outfits. Take multitask products, for example, go for a 2-in-1 lip and cheek tint instead of a blush and a lipstick or choose a face palette that has bronzer,contour,blush a and highlight instead of taking a full size pan of each. This will really help save up space.

4.Last But Not Least, Organise your Bag with Small Pouches:

Separate and organise your items per category in small pouches, this will insure you don’t forget to pack something and that it is easy to reach. Plus, you will be surprised by how much space you actually still have once everything is put tightly into one pouch.

So, whenever you are thinking of packing light, try these tips out and let me know what you think!




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