Product Review: MAC Liptensity Lipsticks


I know we have all jumped on the matte liquid lipstick bandwagon and we all love it, but sometimes, you just want something that gives you a little bit more hydration. Especially now with the colder weather, your lips tend to get a bit dry and chapped so adding to the dryness with a liquid lipstick isn’t the best idea! To still satisfy your love for intense lips, the new MAC Liptensity collection gives you the hydration of a cream lipstick but a color payoff even better than a liquid lipstick! Here are some thoughts on the new amazing product:

1. Packaging:

Packaging wise I think MAC have done a great job this time! The actual color of the lipstick is the color of the package it comes in, it is not the standard black bullet MAC lipsticks usually have. I find this very helpful because it saves you so much time wasted looking for the shade you want through your collection. With this packaging, you can directly pick the color you are looking for instead of searching for it among your collection.

The only downside to the packaging though is the application itself. The liptensity has a flatter top than the typical pointed-tip lipsticks usually have. This issue¬†makes precise application a bit harder. Although you can always grab a lip brush and perfect the edges but sometimes you just don’t have time for that. So just be aware that you should be carefuly applying it on the edges.

2.Formula and Color Payoff:

The formula of the Liptensities is AMAZING! Hands down my favorite lipstick formula I am yet to try. It reminds me a lot of the formula of the MAC Amplified lips but even better as it’s thicker, creamier and the color payoff is even more vibrant! They have a satin finish and apply very evenly and intensely with one swipe only. It looks amazing on the lips as it has a very subtle shine that makes your lips look juicy. You can also tone it down by tapping your lips with a tissue and it will look a bit more matte.

The color variety is great, they have some nude shades, some¬†red shades, and some other less conventional colors. They even have a black! My favourite out of the 24 shades are Smoked Almond and Life’s Blood. Smoked Almond is the perfect brown-pinky nude that really complements my skin tone. If you are pale like me you will love that shade! Life’s Blood is a true red that looks extremely sexy and juicy on the lips! I find that they last pretty long and do not wear off unless I eat but still leave a nice tint to the lips and fade gracefully.

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All in All, I really recommend you give this collection a shot, there’s a color for every taste and you really can’t go wrong with them!




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