Hacksaw Ridge:A Must Watch

Released just last week, the movie Hacksaw Ridge is based on the true story of late Pfc.Desmond Doss during his experience in World War II. Doss , played beautifully by Andrew Garfield, chose to be a medic and refused to bare arms during his trainings and combats because of his faith. Regardless of which, he was a hero during the Battle of Okinawa and was instrumental in the success of the battle. He ended up saving 75 injured soldiers in the battle.

I am trying to not spoil the movie for those who have not watched it yet, but it was truly a great experience that I just have to talk about it. Hacksaw Ridge(40 billion dollar budget) scores 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.7/10 on IMDb. Probably not the best ratings ever, but, the way the director has captured the inhumanity yet the humanity of war will put everyone who watches it in tears.


Firstly, the movie pictures the struggle Desmond Doss was facing as a person who had enlisted into the army but unwilling to bare arms, what an oxymoron. He was bullied by his colleagues and trainers and regarded as a coward. His faith, values and beliefs were contested, yet, this did not stop Doss from his determination to be in the army and participate in the war. Despite everything, his dream came true and he became a medic in the war. It holds a beautiful message of not giving up on what you think is right no matter what the world says about your belief.

Secondly, the movie scenes of the battle put you into tears when you see how soldiers lose all connection with the real world, lose touch with their humanity yet unite no matter what when they approach death. I do not want to mention specific scenes as to not spoil the movie for anyone.

Although I do think there is one aspect of the movie that was controversial. The story of Desmond Doss and his bible was regarded as heroic, but I wonder if it would have had the same response if the person was muslim.

All in all, I recommend this movie to everyone looking for a nerve wrecking and emotional experience. Because we need more of that, right?





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