Travel Diaries: 24 hours in Tbilisi

What’s better than just packing your bags after a long week and heading for a weekend in a new country. If you are Lebanese you would know that we don’t really have that luxury of randomly hopping onto the plane without worrying about a visa. The best thing about Georgia is that your Lebanese passports permit you to travel there with no prior visa.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. With a mix of traditional and modern architecture surrounded by wonderful nature, you get to enjoy both the historical and modern culture of Georgia. With only 24 hours for us to tour around, we truly made the best out of it and here is what we did.

We took a cab (they drive worse than over here) from our hotel up to the mountains where theres a Garden and a couple of cozy coffee shops. The view from up there is truly stunning, you see all tbilisi in the palm of your hands.

View of Tbilisi from top

From that location, you can take the tramway that cuts through the forest and takes you straight to the city centre. There you can find the Freedom Monument which is made of all gold.

Freedom Monument

We walked to the old city. As you walk there, you notice how the architecture starts to change from very modern and new to traditional and a bit more modest. The old city has such a homey vibe and a breathtaking aesthetic. We grabbed lunch at a Georgian cuisine restaurant, our table was on a balcony that overlooked the old city and the river. Georgian cuisine is characterised by strong delicious spices and warm wine, very close to Armenian food actually. I recommend trying the Kapachuri, which is basically meet stuffed bread and Khinkali which are also meet dumplings.

We wanted to try the cable cars, so after lunch, we climbed up the mountain to Kartlis Deda, we froze as we went up their but we though it would be worth it once we could take the cable cars down. To our luck, the cable cars were temporarily closed because of the wind. However, for once, our arab identity helped us abroad,a cab driver was eavesdropping at our arabic conversation ranting about climbing back down, so he offered to take us to the old city again.

View of Tbilisi from Kartlis Deda


By night time, we found the cable cars working so we took them back and forth because we couldn’t get enough of the view at night; city lights shining on the river, it was truly magical. Then we walked on the Bridge of Peace to the other side of the city were all the pubs, bars, and night life happens! We enjoyed dinner at yet another Georgian cuisine restaurant underground where traditional Georgian music and dancing was performed.

Bridge of Peace

And like that, we were able to tour almost all of Tbilisi in 24 hours. There is always more to see, no doubt, but we were able to view all the prominent places without any prior planning. But Next time you feel like randomly going for a small vacation, Tbilisi is the place to go!




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    1. Rand, today. says:

      I know you love traveling! Georgia should be next on your list!


  1. Jessica says:

    Wooow that’s so beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rand, today. says:

      It’s really a wonderful city! There are also other places than Tbilisi in Georgia that are worth seeing!


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