Which is Worth the Splurge? They’re Real Vs. Mad Lash Mascara.

Every once in a while you might feel like pampering yourself and buying some good high-end cosmetics that you know you can turn to when you need them. I personally think that good-looking lashes can really change how your make-up appears and add some extra drama to any look. For that, I tend to splurge on high-end mascaras often. If you have done your research you probably know of two popular ones: Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and The Balm’s Mad Lash mascara. So which one is it?

The Wand Applicator

The two  mascaras actually have similar brushes. Both have medium length/short plastic bristles and a costume-domed tip with precision bristles so you can get to those corner lashes easily. The only difference in the applicator is that They’re Real has a straight wand, whereas Mad Lash has a curved wand matching the eye-shape. I find that this makes a difference when applying the mascara. I find it easier to apply Mad-Lash since it automatically grabs my outer-lashes because of the shape of the wand. However, with They’re Real mascara, I always have to go back to the outer lashes and feather them out with the domed-tip. So as for the wand, Mad Lash wins.

The Formula

There is a much more prominent difference when it comes to the formulas of these mascaras. They’re Real has a drier formula than that of Mad Lash. It’s not too dry as  to rip off your lashes while you apply or that it doesn’t really disperse product, but, compared to mad lash you can easily notice the difference in consistency. Mad-lash is a bit more liquid and a bit blacker than They’re Real. However, because of the short-bristles and drier formula, They’re Real is goof proof and smudge proof, while it is easier to get product on your lids with Mad-lash. On the other hand, I have noticed that Mad-lash has a higher longevity than They’re Real and I think it is because They’re Real is a bit too dry, so it crumbles off the longer you wear it. So as for the formula, Mad Lash wins.

Finish and Appearance

Both mascaras give great length to your lashes, yet, Mad Lash gives more volume and is much darker than They’re Real. I would say it is a tie because they kind off give the same effect, but if you are really into pitch black lashes, then Mad Lash wins.


And there you have it! The Balm’s Mad Lash wins! Before I actually wrote down this blog post I thought it was going to end up with a tie but as I got deeper into the details I definitely think Mad Lash is a better mascara. They’re Real is a great mascara and it was my favourite until I tried Mad lash. I think both are worth the splurge but if you had to go for absolutely one of them, than I think you should go for The Balm’s Mad-Lash mascara.






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