The Epidemic Of Loneliness

I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say this: I am lonely. We are all lonely.

We feel everything and nothing at the same time. We are acquainted with so many people but we barely know any. We gather likes on social media but we are barely able to gather with our friends and family, and even if we do, we are still lonely. I know I am not the only person who lost all sense of company and fun when around other people.

Mass communication and technological advancement has made us all connected on the web but disconnected and detached in real life. We have become so absorbed into our computers because we always want to catch up with world news, follow on trends and know what is going on with everyone, everywhere. We think that when we do so, we are living in the moment, that we are establishing links and being citizens of the globe and modern beings. But it only resulted in a global phenomenon of nonchalant, and even more, a global loss of empathy and sympathy.

We are living in an era in which billions of people are grappling to promote communication, tolerance, and understanding over the more destructive forces of war, terrorism, and political chaos that have characterised the beginning of the 21st Century.

The reason behind the 21st century man’s cold blooded nature is that we are being fed violent and graphic news everyday that we have reached a point where it does not get under our skin anymore. We have gotten used to news of mass killings, we have gotten used to the increasing number of homeless people on the streets and we have gotten used to wars and international chaos.

As we struggle to promote world interconnectivity, an increasing amount of people are becoming less tolerant of each other. A globalised world with interconnected economies and people might be great on one hand, but is also self-destructive on the other hand, in the sense that it is promoting fear among cultures and hate. Because we are so interconnected now, it has become easier for us to blame our misfortunes on someone else and to want to shut out and be shut out from the world.

Globalisation has created a retroactive phenomenon of wanting to go back to the most micro unit, one self. Just like we have grown from individualism, to kinship, to citizenship to internationalism,  this retroactive phenonmenon went  straight back to individualism ,were people are becoming less and less social and more and more reserved to one-self. People today lack empathy, lack belonging and hence, people today are lonely.



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